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Created to announce mainly Combined Meditation Courses (*QUANTUM KRIYA* Chakra Sadhana, TRATAK Sadhana, Vipassana, EFT), Access Bar Consciousness Healing and Bach Flower Remedy (consulting & training) for Emotional and Mental Healing.

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(Sunil Vishwakarma)
(Chakra Specialist,Spirituality Explorer)
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Access Bar Consciousness Healing Session

Hiranandani Estate,

Bach Flower Emotional Healing (Consulting & Training) !

Hiranandani Estate,

Bach Flower Remedy, a divine drop, not a flower physical substance but a flower Energy extract. Unique Non-Healer Energy based Healing. Try it for Emotional and Mental Healing like Fear, Depression, Lack of Energy etc., at a nominal cost of Rs 300/- for 30ml bottle which lasts for around 2-3 weeks. Also ask for 30ml bottle of *Rescue Remedy* & of *Psychic Defence* deeply researched remedy for *Rs. 200/-* & *Rs. 300/-* respectively πŸ‘ *Bach Flower Remedy Training* to become Therapist & Trainer *@Rs. 3000/-* is also available, specially suites for those who are into *Yoga, Meditation, Healing Services, Life Coaches & Parents ...* πŸ‘

Vipassana, Tratak & EFT Techniques -Free Course

Hiranandani Estate,

Vipassana Course covers AnaPanaSati (relaxation), AnaPana (concentration & enhance mind sensitivities) & Vipassana Main Techniques (purify mind & train mind). Technique re-discovered & taught by Lord Gautam Buddha himself ! Tratak Sadhana to stop wandering of Mind, to stop unwanted thoughts, for Concentration Power & to activate 3rd Eye Chakra. EFT (emotional freedom technique) for emotional & mental healing !

"Quantum Power" Chakra Sadhana Combined Courses

Hiranandani Estate,

Total Course Fee only Rs. 1100/. Learn Theory, Techniques & Audio files related to "Quantum Kriya" Energy based Chakra Sadhana (main technique) to Open Chakras for Communication with Universe & Balance Your 7 Main Chakras for Balanced Successful Life. Tratak Sadhana to stop wandering of mind and for Concentration. Aura Sadhana to create Protection Shield around. Vipassana to Purify and Train your Mind. EFT for Emotional Healing. Course includes Unique Non-Healer Energy based "Bach Flower Therapy" Consulting for Emotional & Mental Healing for FREE !

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