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What we’re about

R150/attunement class payable by EFT when you book.

Welcome to Chakradance™! The focus is on nurturing personal spiritual wellness and development by exploring the chakras via meditative dance and mandala art. You can do it just for fun, but expect amazing changes in your life should you choose to attend moving meditation classes regularly.

Chakradance™ is a moving form of moving meditation where we create our own spontaneous movements and a gentle but profound healing practice for body and soul. Our movements distract the conscious mind, allowing us to access our inner world, our unconscious mind, and our chakras! The chakras are vibrating energy centres located along the spinal column, coinciding with the main nerve plexuses and that integrate and regulate our physical, mental and emotional energies. Making Chakradance™ a regular practice brings a new energy into your system and balances the chakras.

Wearing a blindfold helps us to leave the outer world and to access our inner world, we we feel free to create our own spontaneous movements to guided imagery and music. The music is the key, as it resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras. We simply go within, feeling and being with whatever we encounter – with no judgement and no analysis and in effect we become our own observer. It’s a powerful experience that will free and energise you. The therapeutic aspect is in the dance and the mandala-art we create after dancing, and not in analysis or interpretation.

Many who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives for the better; others, simply that they enjoyed it hugely. Come and try out the Attunement/Newbie class (±2 hours) where we dance through all the 7 chakras to get them pulsing and awake and aware.

If you find that it resonates with you after taking one or two Attunement/Newbie classes, then you can explore even deeper, by signing up for the advanced InDepth Course of 8 workshops where you will dance each chakra in more detail; or you can opt for the Reboot Your Base Chakra 1-day Retreat which are scheduled from time to time.

Discover the transformative power and energy that resides within you to become your own most effective healer.

Now all you have to do is check for availability of a spot for your first Attunement/Newbie class; and then please whatsapp me, Jayni +27833031141, to make EFT payment which confirms your spot.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!