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100th Meetup Celebration: Dominion Tournament

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UPDATE -- 3rd Round Championship Tables Card Setup

Great Hall, Bishop, Island, Highway, Goons, Tunnel, Bridge, Monument, Knights, Kings Court

Mike Mc. and Kirk/Shannon if you could bring those along with Colony and Platinum and the regular treasure and victory cards that would be great.....Thanks!


Here is the format for the tournament. It is pretty basic. If you see any glaring issues, please let me know. Also if you think it could be better a different way, please let me know by email by Tuesday (10th).

1. Each person will play 3 games.

2. Each game will have no more than 4 players and most will have 4, depending on how many show up.

EX: Currently there are 22 signed up. If 22 show up, there will be four tables with 4 people each and two tables with 3 people each, for each round. If 24 show up, six tables of 4 each.

3. Each round will have a different set of cards than other rounds. The cards will be selected randomly on Tuesday (10th). They can be from any expansion that is present on Tuesday night.

4. Each table in a given round will play the same set of cards that every other table is playing.

5. There is a 45 minute time limit for each round. If a table has not resolved its game within the time limit, the turn will finish and the points will be counted at that time.

6. The person who accumulates the most tournament points after 3 rounds will be declared the winner. Tournament points are earned after each round, per table. The player with the most victory points at a table receives 4 points. 2nd will receive 3 points, third gets 2 points, and fourth gets 1 point. If there is a table with only 3 players, there will be no fourth place and the 1 point award is not given (obviously). If there is a tie for any position, the winner of the position will be the one who played less hands. Still tied? The tied players share the points for the tied position and the next position. For instance, if two are tied for 2nd and played equal hands, they would both receive a split of 2nd and 3rd place points (2.5). Fourth would still receive only 1 point. If all four players tied and played equal hands, then they would all split the total points, 10 points divided by 4 players = 2.5 points each.

7. Table seating will be assigned randomly to begin round one. For rounds 2 and 3, players will be seated according to their accumulated tournament points. The 4 players with the highest accumulated amount will play together and then every four players in the points standings will play together. Exceptions will be made, depending on how many show up and how many continue to play.

8. Awards are to be determined. However, I can tell you who will get awards. Obviously, 1st place (the person with the most tournament points) wins something. 2nd place will get something a little less. Last place will get something a lot less. If the player with the most victory points for the whole tournament does not win the tournament, they will win something as well. We will also be doing drawings. For those people who did not win their table each round, they will be entered into a drawing to be held after round 3. They will win something a bit more than what last place is getting. You must be present to win.

9. If there is a tie for 1st or 2nd, the tie-breaker will be the person who has accumulated the most victory points during the tournament.

Any questions? Please ask!

This meetup will be our 100th meetup! Assuming things go as planned until then.

What I'd like to do to commemorate this event is run a Dominion Tournament.

The last time we did this over at Quality Beer, Mike McGreevy took the gold (gift cards)!!

So, I'll come up with some prizes. Also, don't worry if you don't think you will win, everyone will play 3 rounds regardless of outcomes. So just think of it as a night to play some Dominion!

We'll run a couple of Dominion nights in advance for those who don't know how to play or need some refreshing.

Sign up! The more that sign up, the more I'm willing to reach into my pocket and get prizes!