What we're about


Is a metaphor... It is all about cultivating an ageless, bubbly, blissful attitude.
Loving and celebrating your beautiful elegant, effervescence.
Always choosing to sparkle as you dance to the top.
Sharing your vibrant pink light with others savoring life's deliciously precious moments.

This is a social group for women only, who love to celebrate being the best version of themselves inside and out, despite all of life’s challenges! It's time to dress up, show up & celebrate with other like-minded dynamic, diverse women who are in their 50s - 60s and beyond. We have outgrown the demanding second stages of life and are now making shifts into much more refined and effervescent ones!

“Champagne Love Affair” is about taking a little time out to develop new authentic connections, & genuine friendships as we heighten our awareness. Together we will create a long-lasting intimate community where we inspire, support & motivate each other. Each of us contributing our own unique gifts, talents, life experiences & shared resources. This group is for uplifting sexy souls who want to have lots of fun and laughter while having unfiltered conversations about real-life situations.

Champagne Love Affair is a wellness community for women dedicated to developing self-love, inner strength & infusing positive habits for a healthier and happier life. I believe every woman is powerful, once she learns to believe it and own it, she can take back her power in all areas of life!

We would love for you to come to join in a place where women hold space, honor & celebrate you for who you are, right where you are today. On this journey, we will continue to explore & celebrate a variety of different topics including "Inspired Action Exercises" that we do together as a group. The Champagne is always optional but the mindset and a love affair for celebrating yourself are mandatory!

We get together several times a month for leisurely celebratory "themed" lunches, H.H., dinners at select upscale locations in the NE Scottsdale area, as well as occasional day-cations, self-care spas, travel & retreats, we are always looking for new adventures and festivities, we also host fun parties at our homes throughout the year.

I encourage ideas & suggestions from all members. Reign in on this opportunity and RSVP early as this bubbly group and gatherings are limited in space designed to create an intimate environment that is inclusive of all members at every event which is much more conducive to getting to know each other and ourselves and developing deeper lasting friendships and strong bonds.

Sisterhood is a word that represents the connection between women, I love and appreciate that. Sisterhood represents unity, it lacks competition between women and rather celebrates each other's differences and similarities. It lets go of jealousy and instead focuses on appreciation. It leaves behind gossip and instead encourages conscious communication.

Authentic women who gather with the intention of supporting one another and walking this path together are those who are remembering the beauty of sisterhood. We all have the choice to let go of the ways we may have been taught to compete with and judge other women. We hold the power to change our perspective and instead surround ourselves with like-minded, loving women. Let's empower each other and celebrate together often!

*GUIDELINES TO CLA- Make sure you have a profile picture of yourself or you will not be accepted *If you are unable to join please be courteous and remove yourself from the list as soon as possible. I always send out RSVPs several days before to keep things running as seamlessly as possible for all so we have a headcount in advance to accommodate everyone. *If you sign up for an event please be on time and stay throughout the event to respect the flow and others.
*There are a few events that require non refundable deposits, so if you cancel for any reason you will not receive your deposit back
*Habitual cancelations, No shows, and disrespect to others will get you removed from this group immediately. We typically always have a wait list so we want to honor those who are able and ready to attend.* If you haven't attended at least one event in the past 2 months you will also be removed to keep memberships for those that are able to actively participate. You are of course always welcome to rejoin in the future when the timing may be better.

Thank you and make it a beautiful day!

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