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EOS&Telos from a user, and one of the biggest proxy holder's, perspective w/IWAD

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12:00-12:40 : Presenting EOS and Telos blockchains from a user, and one of the biggest proxy holder's, perspective by Investing With a Difference Founder

12:40-1:00 : Q & A Panel

Telos is a sisterchain of EOS. It is a Delegated Proof of Stake Smart Contract Blockchain with true decentralization. Telos is based on EOSIO code that has solved the scalability problem facing many of the blockchains. Telos is an improvement over EOSIO with several important differences. In Telos, the tokens are more evenly distributed. The pay structure for block producers and stand by block producers are more equitable. Dapp developers can choose to keep their code proprietary. There were many problems at the launch of EOSIO and Telos founders learned important lessons from this experience. Telos Network offers a fresh start to run the EOSIO software with several improvements.

Investing With A Difference is a community focused on the pursuit of financial freedom and investor education.

The mission of IWAD is to support EOS community in understanding the technology as well as helping them participate in the governance of the chain by navigating through the nuances of the DPOS structure as defined in EOS.IO system. IWAD are providing regulary with educational content on their YouTube channel. They are also one of the biggest proxy holders in EOS and Telos network.

Raman Bindlish is a blockchain enthusiast and EOS community member. He comes from a technology background with more than 17 years of experience in the mobile industry. He has been a mentor and investor in multiple early-stage technology startups. He has been hosting "Investing with a difference" show on youtube for EOS community and runs the biggest proxy account in terms of a number of voters (investingwad).
In 2019, Raman has founded a silicon valley EOSIO incubator and working with key industry partners like Google Developer Group, Blockchain University, Hacker Dojo and Industry 4.0 Foundation to bring more developers into the community and build real-world use cases on EOS.



Lunch will be provided, as always. Please RSVP!