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If you're looking for opportunities to play sports with other adults in the Champaign-Urbana area, then this is the group for you! We are looking for folks who just want to get together, get some exercise and have some fun. As we grow, we'll try to make teams, schedule matches, and possibly form a league.

This club was initially founded as a soccer group in 2008 to bring together people from around town to play soccer. More recently, in 2013, we expanded the club to include more sports and activities. We use it to schedule games year round both indoors and outdoors. It is the destination for sport enthusiasts in the Champaign-Urbana area to find out where and when games are played.

Boys, girls, younger (no kids) and older players are all welcome to join us every game. All games are friendly co-ed recreational games. Slide tackles(soccer), aggressive and excessively physical plays are absolutely prohibited. Everyone is expected to play as competitively as possibly while making sure that no one gets injured. To prevent rivalry from escalating to physical or verbal altercations, everyone is expected to stop play whenever a player is injured or calls foul regardless of the circumstances. Contesting called fouls is also fruitless as there is nothing to win or to lose; it just wastes time and causes tension to unnecessarily escalate. Play is also stopped for hand balls(soccer) or fouls whether intentional or not.

We strictly enforce the usage of the RSVP system. It allows us to easily decide, ahead of time, whether we have enough players for any given scheduled game or not. Instead of dressing up, driving all the way to the venue hoping to find enough people to play with only to find out that there are not enough people and head back home, we use the RSVP system to know exactly who is coming and how many are coming. If we don't have enough people RSVPed, we cancel games. When someone RSVPs as yes, he/she is promising to show up if the game is not cancelled. RSVPing "yes" and not showing up is frown upon and repeated offenses can result in the dismissal from the group. Not RSVPing and showing up is also frown upon. It causes the number of regular players to dwindle down and games to be unnecessarily canceled. The RSVP system only works if all members adhere to the rules.

Since we found a sponsor, membership dues for all members has been waived. However, you can make a contribution to the group's fund here: (

Please contact the leadership team with question you may have

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