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The Game Day will be hosted at our house. We pretty much just play what everyone feels like broken up into groups. Our list of games is on the about page ( and at our BoardGame Geek page ( We will order pizza around 4 and have a variety of diet and regular soda. If you would like anything specific please let me know, or feel free to bring it. It's not required but we would appreciate money towards the pizza, or if you bring something snacky for the group. I will e-mail out the address to those attending the day before. We typically play until people get tired or need to leave, you are free to leave when you need to. The last people typically leave around midnight. I just ask that you don't start a game, you know you can't finish. We typically start playing by about 1:15-1:30, so if you are running late you may have to wait for a game to end, but you are more than welcome to watch a game. We have an infant son (born 12/9/17) who will be visiting family until about 6pm, then coming home; at which time you all are welcome to stay for more gaming if you don't mind doing it with a newborn in the house. We also have two friendly dogs.

Dorothy and Cory's

Loop 101 and Ray Rd · Chandler, AZ

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We are board gamers who play a mix of Fantasy Flight games, war games, euro games, and other strategy board games depending on the preferences of who comes every other Saturday to our place in Chandler, Arizona.

There is a list of games we have played in the past on the discussion board ( and a list of the games we own on the about page ( We don't play classic games such as Monopoly, Life, Clue, etc.

Anyone 20+ who enjoys playing strategy board games (typically longer ones) and possibly learning new ones are welcome.

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