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Descent 2nd Edition Campaign

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I've been tossing around this idea and decided to see how much interest I get.

This will be a weekly meetup to play through a Campaign of the 2nd Edition Descent. The characters chosen during the first one will remain constant, but the players don't have. After the first meetup I will ask that everyone that comes has played at least once and knows the rules. The campaign includes an Intro, 3 Act I quests, an Interlude, 3 Act II quest and a Finale. The first week we will do the Intro and the 1st quest. After that we will do one quest each week. The Act quests all have two encounters. All the quests (except the intro) take about 1-2 hours to play depending on the players.

If you are interested after the first one, but haven't played ask me during a Game Day and I'll be happy to play through the intro with you or if you are able to come early (about 4:30) on the day you wanna play we can do the intro just let me know.

Also, with the way we have this setup it's important to have a full group, so if it looks like we aren't going to get the full five I will cancel that week.

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