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Writing critique group
The group meets the third Tuesday of each month. Works should be kept around 5 double-spaced pages. Bringing 4-5 extra copies to hand out at the meeting Is not required, but will vastly improve the quality of the feedback you get. We use a read-aloud format. If you wish to have your work critiqued, please bring a short piece or chapter (about 5 double-spaced pages) to read out loud to the group. It can be any genre, including non-fiction or poetry. Tips for an awesome critique: Let the writer know if you read this genre. Take notes of things you want to comment on Critique based on stage of revision—an earlier draft may need help with plot/structure, while a later draft may only need line edits. Suggestions of things to focus on: Tell the author what you think the work is about What about the writing works for you? What places are awkward or weak? How might they be made stronger? How would you describe the voice? What words or phrases are effective? Did anything confuse you? Would you have finished the piece if you were a casual reader? If not, where would you have stopped reading? Did the piece hold your interest?

Ironwood Library

4333 E Chandler Blvd · Phoenix