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Looking for local, like-minded individuals who like learning new skills or want to grow in their existing professional/artistic/life skills. I find it's easier to be creative and productive when around others who are similarly motivated, so let's get together irl, work on side projects, and git gud. All skill levels are welcome, all you need is the desire to learn and the ability and motivation to actually show up. Open to accepting others as Event Organizers who wish to contribute and teach their craft.

Based in Chandler/Tempe, for those generally aged around 24~36.

My current interests include:
-art, drawing, digital, 3D modeling, 2D animation, story making, game making
-programming, websites
-meeting new people, building deeper relationships, improving social skills
-exercise, eating healthy, learning how to cook

Let's also do life together, hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Mostly the group's focus will be on skill building, though, since 1) that's not offered much elsewhere, and from what I can tell, 2) doing that will build a better foundation for relationships than primarily focusing on the social hangouts. Plus it adds spice to life via variety.

What else can be said, but hope to see you on the other side.

*Note, due to subscription constraints, the group will be currently limited to up to 50 members, where the most inactive members may be removed as needed.

If you see an event you want to attend, but have a hold up of some kind, like wanting it to be in a public venue, not in the age range exactly, or whatever, let me know. I may be able to accommodate.

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As a heads up, this group will be closing down soon. Thanks for all those with interest

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