Conquering Imposter Syndrome - Low Self-Confidence? Asking for a Friend? Join Us

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Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

9028 D Prince William St · Manassas, VA

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There is free parking at Rising Phoenix Holistic Center which is across the street from an elementary school with Prince William Street running between them. Suite D

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Do You Have Symptoms of Imposter Syndrome,..that uncomfortable feeling that you are not as successful as people think you are or that you are undeserving of your success? LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE SUFFER FROM THIS ANXIETY, so you are not strange and not alone. 70% of folks suffer from this at some time according to a study. More women than men experience this syndrome. The problem is NOT you. The problem is Imposter Syndrome in which people mask their feelings of insecurity.

You're in good company with lots of other great people who feel "in over their head." Despite clear evidence of their talent, skills, or success, they think they're over-rated. Some identify themselves as a perfectionist. They fear people will find out they're not as talented or effective as they seem. They try to mask their insecurities. Blaming yourself for imperfections is counterproductive. Stop it! Let’s try better ways to fix it.

We're going to identify five groups of people who share these thoughts. Then, we'll explore some tips, tricks, and tools you can use to help yourself feel at ease with your accomplishments and confident about your future.

That brings me to the second point for you to realize, which is that - clearly - you ARE successful at whatever the issue is or you would not feel undeserving of your success! Think about it! So, let's explore.