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Chapter Zero (http://www.chapterzero.org/) was founded upon a dream, to transform parenting and childhood in Singapore. We hope to help parents with their everyday struggles and equip them with practical tools to parent better. We want to bring the beauty of the simple and the ordinary back into our children's lives.


We organise regular workshops about evidence-based and respectful approaches to parenting. Our workshops are open to all parents, alternate caregivers and people who work with children. We promise that you will walk away from our workshops feeling refreshed and inspired to make changes in your relationship with the children.


Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds are free events that we organize in parks, community centers, streets, and other open spaces. They are open to families with children of all ages and abilities. In our Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds you will find many open-ended materials such as cardboard boxes, tyres, pots, tapes, strings, fabrics and other everyday objects which let children play in any way the wish. Often we will see children creating, building, and experimenting with the material, learning while they play as they work on their social skills, independence, decision-making, resilience and even healthy risk-taking.

At our Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds, children are given free-reign to play with whatever they want, however they want to. Unless invited to join the play, or if asked for assistance, adults are otherwise encouraged to sit back and relax, and simply let the children lead the play!

Note: Due to meetup's requirements, this group only accepts adult attendees above the age of 18. Children attending our playgroups must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian above the age of 18.

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Being With Baby Workshop


Competent Nanny Workshop (Infants 0-18 months)

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)

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