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Special Guest Teacher at Ganden Center! ("Confidence to Change")

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Everybody wants to change. We all want to be more confident and happy, leading a more harmonious and fulfilling life. Often we find it difficult to actually change ourselves and create what we long for in our life. Instead, we feel stuck in unhealthy and unhappy habits.

Buddha’s teachings on how the mind works help us to understand what it is we need to change, as well as giving us the confidence and skill to bring the desired changes about. Through applying these methods, we can begin to have the joyful and meaningful life we all long for.

This free event will be with special guest teacher Gen Kelsang Jampa, the U.S. East Coast National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition and the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center TX. Gen Jampa is a well-loved teacher known for his warmth and his humor

Special Guest Teacher, U.S. East Coast National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Jampa

Gen Kelsang Jampa is an American Buddhist monk and the U.S. East Coast National Spiritual Director for the New Kadampa Tradition. He is also the Resident Teacher of the Kadampa Meditation Center Texas.

Gen Jampa is well-loved for his warmth and kindness and is known for inspiring and clear teachings. By his example, he shows us how to practically and joyfully integrate Buddha’s teachings into our daily lives.

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