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This group is for anyone who wants to learn more about all the surrounding wilderness and how to survive anything that may come our way. We will meet at different locations and learn from experts on how to survive in any condition. Learning skills like land navigation (without a GPS or Smart phone), trapping, hunting, edible plants, healing plants, how to start a fire, how to build shelters, finding water, making water safe to drink, outdoor cooking, wilderness First Aid, and much more. We will also learn more about prepping with things like canning food, what we should be doing and learning to survive and thrive in any situation, E & E backpacks / kits (Escape and Evade)(Also known as Bug Out Bags), First Aid, Shooting, Hand to Hand Combat, and much more. We will also learn ways to thrive in any situation, learning skills like making Moonshine, What to do with animal hides, How to preserve meet without a refrigerator, Making jerky, Canning food, and much more.We can have a great time learning from each other or finding an instructor to teach us. We need to get back to the skills that everyone knew not to long ago. We should all learn what to do in life threatening situations. Learning these skills will help you keep calm, take charge and not only survive but thrive in all situations.

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