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Experiment with Inkodye!

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First off, sorry I've been a little slack with scheduling new meetups. I have some great ideas floating around and I promise there'll be more posted very soon.

So Inkodye. It's basically a dye that uses sunlight to develop color onto a medium such as fabric or wood. It can be used in a variety of ways but here are the two most common ways to use it:

1. The easiest way is to just use the dye with various objects like this (the dye develops color anywhere the sunlight hits/whatever is not covered by objects):

2. This technique is a little more intensive but still pretty easy to do. This involves making a negative photo on transparency.

There's so much you can do and the possibilities are endless. And it's so much fun! Check out these links for more examples and detailed instructions:

I'm limiting this to only 8 people because I only have a certain amount of Inkodye and I'm not sure how far it'll go. We can do a 2nd meetup if I have some left over and there's enough interest.

The cost is $5 per person (possibly per piece depending on how many pieces you do/how much inkodye you use) because this stuff is pretty expensive. If you RSVP and you know you want to do a photo transfer, start thinking about/downloading images you'd like to use. I'll send around more detailed info to those who RSVP.

Please note that we'll need to do this on a sunny day so if the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll have to reschedule.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments section.