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Joy: Rosemary teaches Graphic Design at Wando High School and she's always mentioning all the awesome equipment they have access to. After pestering her for months and months, she's agreed to let us come and have some fun. This is like a crafter's mecca, you guys. There's no other place where we can go and use all these different pieces of equipment in one place. And it's free, y'all. All she asks is that we pay a small fee for whatever materials we use since these are purchased by the school. All money collected will go into the fundraiser fund for Warrior Ink, the print shop at Wando.

Since we have a maximum of only 12 people, please only RSVP if you are definitely going to come. And if your plans end up changing, please change your RSVP ASAP, i.e. not the night before, to give someone else this awesome opportunity.

Rosemary: Here are some of the projects we can do:

- Make buttons. 1" and 2.25" Buttons - $0.25 each

- Custom T-Shirts & Tote Bags - $4 to $10 each. We can print out designs or people can bring photos or paper to make their own. I keep white, black and grey standard t-shirts in stock. People can bring their own shirts to embellish, as long as they are at least 50% cotton. I suggest people search "heat transfer vinyl" on Pinterest to see what can be done.

- Vinyl Decals - priced by size, but usually $1-$5

- We can make permanent or removable (wall) decals. We have a ton of colors.

- Different projects using the Silhouette. I suggest people search "Silhouette Cameo", "Silhouette vinyl" or "Cricut vinyl" (we don't have a cricut, but it gives good results) on Pinterest to see what can be done. Here's also a link that shows some of the different kinds of projects you can do with a Silhouette: .

I strongly suggest that people come with an idea of what they want to do. Pinterest has a TON of great project ideas.

I'll try to have one or two of the interns join us so they can be "technical" support. If people come with an idea of what they want to do, we can maximize the time we have in my classroom. Three hours isn't a ton of time.

Joy: And here are some examples of the types of projects we can make to get your creative juices flowing. Also, this is a great opportunity to make some personalized xmas gifts!