What we're about

What we're about

So you've been thinking of more than just a man-hug with a guy? expressing feeling, Yeah, we know.... Within this modern society, at times there could be many conflicts that happen internally within. Being a reg man or a bi or gay man is not easy, no matter how much the media would like to say it is now accepted in mainstream society, you always find difficult challenges as you navigate the roadways of life.

We are a group of straight, bi / bi-curious, gay men who organize casual platonic meetups and socials with other bi / bi-curious, gay men and their families we do not discriminate based upon age, race, national origin, or even religion. We have been created as a co-group with: https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Truly-Free... assist those in the Charlotte community.

We are attempting to create a straight, bi / bi-curious, gay guys group where all can just can just hang out and be themselves, without any need to impress, or to meet one's approval. Our secondary mission is to assist those who are transitioning in their life, sometimes it also means helping the family members cope during this time, therefore stabilizing the environment. Therefore we do allow females of these individuals to participate in our group.

We create a meeting that is casual and laid-back, generally at a local pub in a quiet suburb or a quieter park. We understand that many individuals want to avoid bumping into people you know at their workplace and in professional life, and we fully respect this. We also fully respect the privacy of the individual and will protect this at all cost.

Therefore this is a closed group and venues are disclosed only to members of the group, upon acceptance.

We are not associated with any organizations at this time, We are just regular men who just want to provide a space for straight, bi / bi-curious men to meet and hang out and to create the atmosphere necessary to build long-lasting and trusting friendships. Period.
There is no other motivation.

So what makes us different from all the other LGBT groups? Because we are aimed directly at you, the straight, bi, bi-curious, gay male, we get you. We understand your needs, for we are also brothers on the same path.

We understand that for many of you, there are additional conflicts that are created within since you are standing between two different cultures of lifestyles, and between two different worlds. This is difficult, in modern terms we call this walking the razor's edge. Always trying to balance between the right and the left between your needs and the needs of others.

We are not judgmental, we are not dictatorial, we are not cliquish. We are here to support, and to listen, and in doing so, hopefully, enrich your life, and the world around you.

We know that as a straight, bi / bi-curious, gay, or possibly gay man, many of you want to remain closeted and that you don't feel like you belong or fit in at this time in your life, you just want friends, you want an unconditional and safe environment to create your future self. To explore your feelings, and to seek understanding and compassion from others.

This is not a place for creating hookup's, it is not a swingers meet. If you're just interested in these things, then you will probably not be happy here. We seek those who want more than just this. We seek those who want trusting long-term friendships and are willing to obligate to meeting up on a regular basis and taking participated roles within the future organization being formed now

We restrict membership to straight, bi / bi-curious/ gay men and the loved ones that support them at this point. This is to be sensitive to those who are still exploring their sexual identity. This group is being created for them as well as Bi and Gay men who have a full understanding of themselves.

So, come and join us. There is no reason that you must walk this path alone, there are those who care and are here, who also walk this path. Together we can face the challenges that each of us stumbles upon each day.

As you can understand we have a questionnaire sheet. Please know, that you will be rejected for membership if you attempt to answer these questions with one-word answers, you will receive an email inviting you to elaborate and to apply again. We do not discriminate, but we are out to provide a safe environment for those who are still exploring themselves and make sure all alternatives that are presented to them.

This questionnaire will ask you to provide your age, relationship status, interest and why you want to join the group. Any information you provide us is not accessible / made available to the public. We appreciate your honesty. Due to the adult nature of this group, it is closed and is only available to those who are over the age of 18.

For those under this age, we recommend an organization called timeout Charlotte. Here you will find assistance in what you are seeking.

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