Nia with Sherrie - Joyful Holistic Fitness!


Experience the Joy of Movement! Nia is spirited movement for the body, mind and spirit!

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Created by Debbie and Carlos Rosas 29 years ago, the Nia Technique combines the power of the Martial Arts, the concentration of the Healing Arts, and the grace of the Dance Arts. Blending choreography and freeform movement into 60-minute aerobic fitness odysseys, Nia emphasizes not only physical conditioning, but also creativity, community, self-discovery, and individual expression.

With a philosophy rooted in "The Joy of Movement," Nia teaches people of all lifestyles to choose Pleasure as the path toward physical, mental and emotional health. Nia's barefoot, grounded approach maximizes body efficiency and teaches you to consciously move "The Body's Way." All fitness levels and experience are welcome!

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