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One of our previous relationship discussion events. We called this one. Men Speaking As If Women Are Not in the Room. The event was held at the multi-million dollar Charlotte venue, Club Label.

Charlotte Execs is over 2000 members strong. We have 3 different groups. Though the names may vary, yet we're all 1 in the same.

Our members consists of:

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Blue Collar Workers, Engineers, Attorneys, ESPN and Local News Media Employees, Radio Personalities, Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Retail, Real estate Professionals, Teachers, Physicians and more. They are all in our groups. The number is good to know.. but we're about Quality over Quantity.

To Join, a picture of you is required (no logos, graphic images or groups of people please (crop yourself out.. I'll help you if need be).. and please look at the camera :).. I know.. we shouldn't have to tell professionals this. Its just the social setting tend to make some too comfortable and this is repeated often to people trying to join us).


Visited a clique group lately? Well, this is not one of those :) Membership is Free and EVERYONE is welcome @ Charlotte Black Execs, Career Professionals & Professional Athletes! - If the word black made you think that this group is only for African Americans, you're wrong. We have non-black members and people have brought friends to events that were not African American.. and they were accepted and treated like family just as everyone else is. So why put black in the name? Because we know our people. They want to congregate together. We also know people search specifically on the Internet and we do events that are based on African American culture. So us using the word "black" is a combination of marketing and common sense.

We are a group for hard working individuals who know how to put down the work and enjoy life. Life's not only about making money.. let us not forget the relationships, friendships, the smiles, the memory making, the picture taking, the laughs, the meeting new people, the slowing down to actually smell a flower or just enjoying a nice summer breeze.. eyes closed inhaling deeply and being thankful for the now. Our motto is simple.. Enjoy Life! Thanks for stopping through and reading to see what we're all about. You are appreciated even at this point. if you decide not to join, we wish you much success on your endeavors and our hope is that you have/find a balance in life and take time out to smell a flower.

Events will be geared more towards evenings and weekends.

We understand members will likely not make every single event, however some participation is expected. No shows will not be tolerated and a last minute cancellations are basically just the same. We are more into Quality versus Quantity.

For pictures, we ask that you upload a picture of You. Please, no logos/graphics/book covers etc. as your main pic. We want to see your face.. not staring off into the sunset :)

If you're not at a point to where you are ready to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT.. please do not sign up, until you are. No wall-hugging allowed Lol.

Please note.. this group is not ALL about business.. but business is a part. We're about building relationships.. having fun and enjoying life, yet we do understand that many people are into business and will have events like networking for those interested.

Here are some photos from one of our network meetups back in our earlier days..


















Some people are very frustrated when it comes to business ventures because they fail to cultivate one of the main things critical.. and that's relationships. People are more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust. Our events are designed for the know and like part. Trust is personally built. Thus, the more you want people to be comfortable doing business with you, the more you should show up. This is not the place to throw your sales pitch at everyone in attendance. Things like that should come naturally from natural interaction and conversation.

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Whether you're a barber or stylist making a grand a week and flipping it to make 5 grand before the month is out, Whether you're making a few grand a month building websites, whether you're a career minded professional working a 9-5 for 40-50k a year or a professional athlete making a couple million a season.. if you're at least 21 years of age, this group is for you! The key here is you must be doing SOMETHING! Iron sharpens iron. We're looking to build off of each other, not carry dead weight. Here, everyone holds their own, thus when we support each other, its more like a crutch versus being a wheelchair. I know.. weird analogy, but you get it :)

Calling ALL Independent Women, Hard working men, Singles, Married couples, higher education professionals, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Doctors, police officers, engineers, professors, lawyers, real estate agents, military personnel, cosmetologists, IT professionals, photographers, graphic designers, poets, web developers, musicians, recording artists, dance instructors, investors, stay at home moms (that's a job too), business owners, actors, actresses, directors, customer service and sales professionals, food service professionals, historians, those who have served in the military (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Navy Seals, Air Force), fashion designers, teachers, pharmacists, artists, event planners, firefighters, professional bloggers, brand representatives, security guards, judges, optometrists, chiropractors, news anchors, television producers, marketing managers, banking professionals and everything in between.. This group is for all you beautiful people!

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We're about Quality Versus Quantity. If you're looking for a group that looks to attend everything Free, you might want to keep searching around. We'll get out and do things together that are going to cost. We're not the find everything that's FREE FREE FREE group. Besides, we know you get what you pay for. We're not afraid to pay other establishments for quality fun. Don't get it wrong, we're not into frivolous spending and will surely take advantage of deals (Groupons and the such like) and possibly a Free outing every now and then, but that's not our FOCUS.

Too many want to invest nothing and get the world in return and we know that's not reality. This is why we go to the mall with money unless shopping for a future purchase.. and even still, we understand its not going to be FREE. It all boils down to priorities and unfortunately some like to prioritize looking good and eating good and then look for the FREE event. If we're going to invest in looking good and eating good, then we may as well do it at some of the finest venues and events the city has to offer! Why sacrifice the fun?!

So what ideas are in mind?

Comedy Shows? Check! Amusement Parks? Check! Quality Networking events? Check! Monthly group birthday parties? Check! Dining Out? Check! Group Organized events like sports, laser tag, softball? Check! Just hanging out and shooting pool, throwing darts and watching the game at a Sports lounge? Check! Speed Dating Events? Check! BBQ's and Game Nights? Check! Group Scavenger Hunts? Check! Group Shopping Outings? Check! Group Museum Tours? Check! Group Movie Outings? Check! and more.

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As we all know, everything just mentioned is not FREE, so as a UNIT.. as a GROUP, we will eat the costs so we ALL can have fun. This is not a side job for any of the Organizers. We already have those. This is just a calling for like minded individuals to come and link up and get things done. So if you're tired of the 1/2 way put together events or being in groups where they just post a bunch of stuff that other groups are doing come check us out! We believe that if you wanted to group sounds like someone is holding a title simply to impress and not really investing their time and energy into the group. Also, if you tired of being where its like a bunch of Big I's and Little U's (titles have a way of going to people's heads) then we welcome you. I actually dealt with a group before where the Co-Organizer did just that (let the title go to the head) and after over looking quite a bit, I had to let her know what was really up (that I wasn't her child). Kindness doesn't mean weakness.

We understand that this is real life and sometimes things can just be taken the wrong way, misunderstood or misinterpreted. True leadership should be able to intervene and get both sides of the story and help find the common ground. At the end of the day it could simply be a big misunderstanding, but when you have Organizers attacking one member and siding with another without getting the whole story, that's an indication that you're dealing with someone who has allowed their charisma to get them a title that they don't have the character to keep. Sadly sometimes people tend to think they can talk to you and treat you any kind of way if they think you NEED them for something. Add that to a paranoia that someone is going to take their spot and you have a messed up situation. Long story turned short someone has the be the mature one. I left to keep the peace. The same thing I'd expect you to do if organizers here were allowed to talk to members of this group and treat them any kind of way (Won't be happening). If I as the the group leader am notified and do nothing, then I'm just as guilty. Haters going to hate, we understand that which is why thorough understandings are pertinent to get a complete understanding. When an organizer(s) themselves are also the problem.. its best to just leave, join another group or start your own. I chose the latter.

OK enough of that drama Lol

We are a group of down to earth, drama free individuals coming together to enjoy life and the beautiful city we've been blessed to live in. Please report any and all concerns to leadership and they will be dealt with swiftly and directly. Maybe you are new to meetups or new to the area and just plain tired of having to search high and low for some real fun.. Then press that JOIN US button! Again we're about quality versus quantity. No one will be denied entry, but we're not pulling teeth and begging people to join. We want people who WANT to be here. We don't see an impressing factor in having a thousand members and only 32 of them are showing up. It actually sounds like the interest is there, but its not being fulfilled.

There are no fees to join and no supernatural expectations out of you. You come when you can and when you can't we'll see you on the next go round. Besides, for most events will either RSVP with a non-refundable cost or buy their own ticket upon arrival thus it hurts no one else in the group financially. What we won't do is eat the cost for slackers. Again, we all hold our own. Reservations and other costs are paid with RSVP funds and we can't make those commitments and then refund monies after they've already been paid. Besides, when people have their money invested in something, its very unlikely that they'll not show. There's a few things people don't play with.. their spouses, their parents, their children and their money.. oh and for the sisters.. their newly done hair.

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Here at Charlotte Black Execs, Career Professionals & Pro Athletes! (where you must be 21 years of age and older), expect to have some wholesome, well thought out fun with a group of fun and welcoming individuals. Here you are free to be yourself. You can believe in what you want.. You can be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or if you're an Atheist.. that's your choice. Your belief system and political views are your prerogative and will be respected whether agreed with or not. More often we need to grasp the fact of how boring the world would be if we were all the same.

We welcome anyone who wants to join. All are welcome, yet we do hold core to traditional things, like soul food and music commonly enjoyed by the African American community. We see it no different than going to a Bat Mitzvah and not expecting to hear Michael Jackson's Thriller there.. nor would attendees be prepared to hear the Cha Cha slide at an Indian themed wedding.

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Please excuse the redundancy, I just want to stress we're about Quality over quantity. We're also not interested in people who join the group, RSVP & don't show up. We're also not interested in people who RSVP No to everything either... being a negative drag. Its like why did you join if you're not going to participate? People who do that will be addressed. If you haven't found anything that interests you in say 3 months time, then there's probably nothing much here that will interest you. We're not here to hold people down, but to build people up! We want quality connections even if it means we're smaller in number. At least we won't be wasting each others time. We want people who will find it a joy to come out and meet others and build relationships. People who find it a joy to tell others about the group.

And with that we welcome you to Charlotte Execs' Career Professionals!


Thank you for your time and Kind regards,

Timothy Motivation Jones

Cell: 704-856-9649

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