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This Meetup group is for anyone in the Charlotte and surrounding area that works in the Children, Family Event, Party, Meeting, Corporate Event or Wedding Industry. This will be a place for us to discuss business practices, network, learn and to grow our businesses.

Membership is free (http://d.7769domain.com/r/rd.html?#http%3A%2F%2F7769domain.com%2FAd%2FGoIEx2%2F%3Ftoken%3DY1VaWFovbUNXdC96ZEFwLzBnc1cvVmh0ejU0L2k5NzZPK210K3pJMW5xVVpIK0pacXQ2ckpReDE0RFRGWU9najRweVFxYVQ1SnVEMG5UTkxteWZHTG8yNVVyd1pPbHN6R1pHTm40NDNyNHJPVEM5UzNHMkEvLzV5aStEUDFBdGw5S3hGbjBiSCtYaGZ1KzNqenVLckliQnRpMitTRitIMmhRY2l5bWdnbFNRPQ2).

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Vendors and Sponsors are needed for the 4th Vegan Valentine's Day Party in

The vegan family Valentine's Day Party will be here in no time. Vendor fee is just $20 YOU MUST SELL ITEMS UNDER $5. Maybe you will join us!! We need help with bedrock themed decorations, securing quality family friendly vendors, including a photographer that can create their own bedrock background, and comissioned ticket sales. Do you know anyone that cold make this car for us? Nice right? All great opportunities and requests are made from Charlotte's leading family event planners. Inbox for more details.

I would like to have a discounted photoshoot for members this group
Needs a date and time

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