[Ballantyne] Scaling your team with GraphQL: why relationships matter

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This week we will have a talk by Joel Bowen on GraphQL.

Have you used GraphQL yet? If you haven't, you're likely to encounter it soon. If you have, you might have questions about how to scale your team and what best practices large and small companies are following. Should I write schemas (SDL) first? Or generate schemas from typed resolvers? What tooling is available to help me be more productive and spend less time writing boilerplate code? How can many teams with many apps across one company share one graph? How should I handle errors or file uploads?

GraphQL Conf 2019 just wrapped up in Berlin where Joel was fortunate to hear and meet some of the most respected and experienced leaders on these and other subjects related to GraphQL. So, whether you're brand new to GraphQL or have an active project using GraphQL, he'd like to share some of what he has learned and help you decide the best way to integrate and scale GraphQL with your team.