• FusionConf: Vue.js @ Home

    Online event

  • [Uptown] Web Performance Tips & Tricks - Panel Discussion

    Charlotte wavespace (EY)

    Join as a group front-end developer leaders come together to discuss tips and tricks to web performance.

  • [Ballantyne] An introduction to Phoenix and Elixir with Chris McCord

    Chris McCord is the creator of the Phoenix framework (https://phoenixframework.org/) and author of Metaprogramming Elixir (https://pragprog.com/book/cmelixir/metaprogramming-elixir).

    This talk will give you an introduction to the Elixir language and the web framework Phoenix (Phoenix is to Elixir as Rails is to Ruby).

    In this talk Chris will also teach us about a new feature of Phoenix called LiveView. LiveView allows developers to build rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML (i.e. without having to write any client-side JavaScript).

    Space will be limited so please RSVP soon!

  • [Uptown] Complex Designs and Animations with SCSS Sprinkled on Top

    Some designs and animations require lengthy styles to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with it, but by using SCSS, we can accomplish the same outcome with cleaner and more concise code. We will be reviewing 3-4 examples of a somewhat complex design or animation achieved with vanilla CSS. We will then be rewriting the styles utilizing SCSS features to demonstrate the benefit(s) that SCSS provides us.

    Adam Wells is a web developer with a design degree who claims to be an all-around creative problem solver. He does most of his work on the frontend but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty with the backend. Coming from a design background, Adam has the ability to elevate designs and envision animations from design to development. When not developing, he is typically gaming, creating content, or spending time with family.

  • [Uptown] Building Components without Borders

    An exploration of how to build a design system using reusable, framework-agnostic components. We will briefly explore framework fatigue, what web components are and what problems they solve juxtaposed to frameworks. We will examine how to build a component library using the emerging library Stencil from the team behind Ionic. We will then demonstrate how to write simple wrappers for these components. Finally, we will consume these components from different frameworks such as React and Angular.

    Ryan Edge is a software engineer who enjoys building applications that have positive impacts. He specializes in front-end development. He has a passion for analyzing how emerging and current technologies can create robust user experiences. On the rare occasion that he's not coding, he is probably watching anime, playing sports, or eating.

    * 6:30PM: Networking and food
    * 7:00PM: Talk

  • FusionConf: Front-End Edition

    Camp North End

    It's that time of year again for another FusionConf: Front-End Edition. Early bird tickets are on sale now for $49. Register online at https://ti.to/antifusion/fusion-conference-front-end-edition-2019

    FusionConf is a quarterly mini-conference focused on web design, user experience, and development. Join us on Friday, September 20th in Charlotte, NC for an afternoon jam packed with sessions focusing on front-end development topics. Speakers will be announced shortly.

  • Sass Up Your CSS - Speaker Series Collaboration with Queen City Bytes

    Charlotte FED is teaming up with the Queen City Bytes meetup to bring you "Sass Up Your CSS" by Tammy Robinson.

    Talk Description:
    It’s safe to say that if you’re still writing vanilla CSS in 2019 – it might be time to Sass up your code! In this talk we’ll have a quick introduction to writing styles using Sassy CSS (SCSS), and cover some CSS best practices surrounding documentation, naming conventions and structure. If time permits, Tammy will also share a few tips and tricks she’s learned throughout the years that has made styling and positioning elements in the browser 10x easier.

    Tammy Robinson is the Lead Front End Developer at Atypic, one of Charlotte’s leading Digital Marketing agencies. A Wisconsin native, Tammy decided in 2017 that she would move to Charlotte to pursue her professional career. When she’s not working, Tammy enjoys hanging out in uptown with friends, taking the occasional hike at Crowders, and looking for new ways to encourage and educate other developers as a Co-Organizer for the Charlotte Developers Meetup group.

    * 6:30pm food/networking
    * 7:00pm Sass Up Your CSS
    * 7:30(ish) Q&A

  • [Uptown] CLT Tech Meetup Mashup


    Please join us for the second iteration of the CLT Tech Meetup Mashup event! Meetup Mashup is an evening of short, 10-15 talks on technology and software development from several of the area's most active, tech-focused Meetup groups. Once again, we'll be running multiple simultaneous discussions across a variety of topics for audiences of all skill levels and experience.

    Our own co-organizer, Sarah Hudson, will be delivering a talk on Accessibility and Inclusivity in keeping with the theme of community, but you won't want to miss out on the variety of speakers we have lined up for you.

    Whether you want to learn about up-and-coming technology, or practices and processes, managing workplace dynamics, or taking a deep into code, there will be a topic to match your interest. Join us at Skookum in the heart of Uptown Charlotte for a night of networking, food, drinks, and learning. See you there!

  • [Uptown] Hack It Your Way: Make Websites Work For You

    Despite their author's best intentions, sometimes a website or web app's design, aesthetic, or functionality are simply lacking. Maybe information could be presented in a more useful way for your workflow, or perhaps the layout is cluttered or wastes a lot of space. Maybe there's a simple bit of functionality that would make your life much easier, but there's no way the website's developers would ever create that just for you. Or maybe the app is great but the color scheme is simply hideous.

    Until now, you've just been quietly putting up with those annoyances and limitations. The good news is that, the web is very malleable, and you can change those sites and apps to suit your needs and tastes. Changing the websites you use daily to make them work the way you prefer is achievable in both static sites and complex web apps, and even in older browsers like IE11.

    In this talk I will show you useful strategies for modifying a website that you don't own, along with a number of working examples to spark your imagination.

    Ivan Jonas Gomes is a web developer at Bank of America. After graduation from UNC Chapel Hill he became self-taught and has held a number of positions at various startups and fintech enterprises around Charlotte. His professional interests include UX, developer quality of life, and bundt cakes.

    * 6:30: Networking and food
    * 7:00: Talk begins

  • [Ballantyne] Scaling your team with GraphQL: why relationships matter

    This week we will have a talk by Joel Bowen on GraphQL.

    Have you used GraphQL yet? If you haven't, you're likely to encounter it soon. If you have, you might have questions about how to scale your team and what best practices large and small companies are following. Should I write schemas (SDL) first? Or generate schemas from typed resolvers? What tooling is available to help me be more productive and spend less time writing boilerplate code? How can many teams with many apps across one company share one graph? How should I handle errors or file uploads?

    GraphQL Conf 2019 just wrapped up in Berlin where Joel was fortunate to hear and meet some of the most respected and experienced leaders on these and other subjects related to GraphQL. So, whether you're brand new to GraphQL or have an active project using GraphQL, he'd like to share some of what he has learned and help you decide the best way to integrate and scale GraphQL with your team.