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Creating an iOS Game App with Cocos2D and Box2D

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Title: Creating an iOS Game App with Cocos2D and Box2D

App designer Dan Russell-Pinson will discuss the basics of building an iOS game app using the Cocos2D code library and the Box2D physics engine. After that, Dan will demonstrate any aspects of the process that the audience is most interested in and/or create a simple game.

Speaker: Dan Russell-Pinson is the President of Freecloud Design, Inc. and the creator of several top 10 educational apps including Stack the States, Stack the Countries, Mathmateer, Presidents vs. Aliens and Monster Physics. He studied Computer Science at Clemson University and combines his interests in programming, graphics, music and sound to create games that are both educational and fun.

Location: Microsoft Campus

Sponsor: Microsoft

Please call or text me if you are having difficulty finding the location: 9804061366.