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Welcome to the Gnostic meet up group in Charlotte and its surroundings;we invite people with different faith backgrounds and with the yearning to know themselves in an integral way to join and participate on our meetings in which we will provide not only the intellectual information but also the emotional information through meditation practices and topics like philosophy,kabalah,alchemy,astrology,psychology and esoteric principles .this meet up group is based on the teachings of the great Gnostic master Samael Aun Weor and also on all other Gnostic sources from all ancient cultures and religions .Gnosis is a practical way of knowledge in wich anyperson can aproach their inner reality beyond the mind and betond beliefs.
GNOSE TE IPSUM: know thyself.

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Return, Recurrence, and Reincarnation

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Learning How to listen

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The Awakening of the Consciousness

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