Video Editing (Adobe Premiere): Rough Edit, Transitions, Add Text, Key Frames.

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Sign up special: $147 for all three dates or $74 for one date.

Summary: By the end of this course you will have the basic knowledge all editors need to make amazing video edits. You will be able to edit multi-camera shoots, Internet videos, Informational and educational shorts, and many others. While the main focus of this class is Adobe Premiere Pro, most of the skills learned in this class can be transferred to many different editing programs since many are similar.

Suggested materials for this class:
· Computer w/ video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 or CC(preferred but not mandatory: This program will be used in class)
· Headsets (So we don’t drive each other crazy while practicing editing)
· Audio recorder for class and to record your own sound FX.
· Note Pad and Pen
· Your own library of video, music and sound (files will be provided in class for common tasks but you can use your own as well). (There are free online sites we can recommend as well.)

Course Overview:
· Day 1 on Oct.2: Setting up the edit, navigating your program, Editing Tools and Hotkeys
· Day 2 on Oct 9: The Rough Edit, Transitions, Adding Text, Key Frames.
· Day 3 on Oct. 26: Editing Music and Sound, Color Correction, Final adjustments and Effects, Exporting.

Day 1 on Oct. 2: $74 for one or $147 for all 3 dates.
· Project Setup
· Program Settings
o General setting
o Autosave
o Media cache
o Memory and how the program uses the computer
· Windows within an editing program
o Media Browser
o Source Monitor
o Program View/Live View
o Timeline
o Tools
o Sound
· Setting up the timeline
· Organizing Media
o How The program understands your media and where to find it
o Unsupported Files
o How to relink files that go offline
· Previewing Media in Source Monitor
· Dragging Media to timeline
· Sinking Audio and Video
o Unlinking clips
· Using the Basic editing tools
· Learning the Hot Keys (Your Editing Home Row)

Day 2 on Oct. 9 :$74 for one or $147 for all 3 dates.
· Rough Editing
o Working on the Timeline
o Positioning Video and Audio
o Basic Audio Adjustments
· Types of Cuts
o Hard Cut, Cutaway, Jump Cut, Detailed Cut, J-Cut, Montage
· Transitioning
o From cut to cut
o From scene to scene
· Audio Blending
· Text Editing
o Ways to create text
o Placing text
o Making adjustments in within text and on screen
o Saving Templates
o Creating new based on original
· Lower Thirds
o Making custom lower thirds
o Adding motion with keyframes
· Keyframing other elements

Day 3 on Oct. 16:$74 for one or $147 for all 3 dates.
· Sound FX
o Where to put them
o Reasons for using them
o Duplicating elements on the timeline
· Adding Music
o Differences in Stings, hits, and Music
o Volume of different sources(Dialogue, sound FX, music, etc)
o Shorting music using beats
o Transitioning
§ To new music or looping
§ To new scenes
§ Cutting music
· Strengthening your video with sound
· Color Correction
o Skin Tones
o White Balance
o Contrast and Saturation
o Matching multiple cameras
· Final Adjustments
o Adding Effects
o New Layers
o Adjustment layers
· Exporting your video
o Output Options
§ What’s your need?
o Export vs. Queue
· Final Questions