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The Internet of Things, IoT, is upon us in a big way and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. This group is for those who are excited about connecting disparate devices to one another ranging from wireless communication to the internet. Everyone is welcome from novices, hobbyists, makers, experts, wizards and the inquisitive.

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Social Networking: Fix your Brand's Social Media SEO thru Analytics & Automation

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Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Trevor Ferree and Aidan McCarthy from TSV Analytics!

Social media is becoming the go-to place for consumers to search and discover. Your brand needs to position itself to be one of the results when people are searching on social media, which will lead to more exposure, leads, and sales for your business. However, staying up to date with social media trends and creating relevant content around those trends is time-consuming. But now, this process can be entirely automated from content ideation to creation to distribution. Join TSV Analytics to learn how you can stop missing out on social media opportunities without taking time from your business.

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Let's Get Cyber-Physical

Durham Bottling Co

Learn how to digitally protect your physical assets in 2023! Join us Feb. 7th at Durham Bottling Co.

It is important to remember in the Data Economy, the real-time data we feed to AI engines to automate everything from healthcare to transportation to the energy grid all comes from physical devices. Sensors at the edge are like oil rigs. In the same way that when a rig goes down, it halts the flow of value downstream to all aspects of the energy and polymer sectors, when sensors fail, it cripples the downstream analytics and automation. The question increasingly is, how do you best protect those physical edge devices and assets from the dual threats of physical and cyber damage?

Join RIoT and industry experts as they dive into security measures you can take to protect your digital assets in the physical world.

  • Marco Hewston, Senior Solutions Architect, Dragos
  • Bernie Hughes, Regional Sales Manager, Axis
  • Nilay Parikh, CEO, Arvist

Learn and be inspired from these industry leaders and make new connections during open networking.

Virtual Lunch & Learn - Cybersecurity: Making Small Businesses WannaCry

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Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Pete Harris from Innovation Orange!

Cybersecurity? What does that mean for a small business? The prevailing thought for most small business owners is that “We are so small, that we are not a target for a cyber-attack”. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore as there was a 424% increase in cyber-attacks against small businesses in 2021. Yes, as a small business you will not be a specific target for a state-sponsored attack that you read about in the news, but roughly 60% of small businesses were victims of cyber-attacks this past year. All experts say these numbers are expected to continue growing as the geo-political landscape evolves and IT environments continue to become even more interconnected. There are a tremendous amount of resources affordable for large businesses but, if you are a small business owner and thinking, “What does this really mean to me?”, “I want to protect my business, but I am not sure where to start.”, or even “How do I know if I am protected or prepared?”, then let the cybersecurity professional(s) with over 20 years of experience from Innovation Orange share some real-world experience and straight forward guidance to help answer those questions and more at our Lunch and Learn; “Cybersecurity: Making Small Businesses WannaCry” on February 15, 2023. The presenter(s) will be covering the topics:

  1. Understanding the impact of a cyber-attack on a small business,
  2. Keys for a small business being prepared for a cyber-attack,
  3. How to perform a small business cybersecurity self-assessment,
  4. Understanding what cybersecurity tools and services you really need while managing a small business budget,
  5. Q&A (if time permits)

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Virtual Lunch & Learn - Early Stage Startups - Key Issues & Legal Strategy

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Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Jesse Jones and Benjamin Jacob, business attorneys at Fourscore Business Law, as they present on key legal issues and strategic considerations for founders and early stage companies including:

  • Entity selection - Where and what entity to form
  • Protecting IP
  • 83(b) elections
  • Potential Pitfalls
  • Developing a legal strategy for your startup

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