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Assist IoT - Civic Hackathon V - Build IoT to Help Others!
We are doing another civic hackathon to assist people with IoT goodness and to help our members learn IoT and cloud technology while helping others in our community!! The hackathon will be from 9 AM to 4 PM, but you do not need to stay for the entire event. Please feel free to drop in based on your schedule and availability. Charlotte IOT has been asked to provide a way to play scripture and sermons through Alexa and we want to expand this idea. Lead by a team who has written and published Alexa skills, we welcome all to come join us as we work hand in hand to learn, create and deploy Alexa applications! Don’t know Alexa or programming, join a team and learn, or help the content and playlist team build out features and content! This hackathon is to build out a Juke Box type Skill, to allow playing custom MP3 content based on the user’s request. While the project requirements are fluid, here are a few of the initial thoughts: • Provide a JSON format which references MP3 files by location and provide a name, channel and star rating (0 - 5) • Provide a way to play MP3 files by • Channel or all channels • Weighted, playing higher starred items more often • Allow for skipping playing items with 0 stars • Use the search feature to search channel and file names. • Allow for the creation of playlists using a S3/API Gateway/Lambda solution (prototype has been written, needs to be expanded.) We will split into different teams, the major work is the Alexa Skill, but we’ll also be looking for a team to help build out the playlist manager and content seekers (we have some religious content, but are looking for more, including perhaps copyright expired / open source radio program recordings). All work will be open sourced GPL 3.0. Developer’s Requirements, for those wanting to develop directly: AWS Account AWS CLI Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Command Line Interface (CLI)

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The Internet of Things, IoT, is upon us in a big way and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. This group is for those who are excited about connecting disparate devices to one another ranging from wireless communication to the internet. Everyone is welcome from novices, hobbyists, makers, experts, wizards and the inquisitive.

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