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Our meetings are on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. They start at 7:00PM and end at 9:00PM. However, it is usual for some of us (usually most of us) to continue our meeting informally. (We seem to get a natural high from our brave new thinking.) We are meeting at Amelie’s in the Versailles Room (ask one of the staff where it is if you don't know, or stick your head in a door that looks likely).

We generally start with about a 5- to 15-minute administrative meeting for dealing with group maintenance issues, including introductions, following which we move into the main part of the meeting in which we allow our brains to storm. Then somebody notes that we are dangerously close to 9PM when we have to be out of the Versailles Room, and we quickly decide on what we will discuss next time (which is usually that we will continue on the same topics because what we have been discussing has been so exciting) and decide on whether we will migrate to Big Ben's (or elsewhere) for afterburn.

If you come, you don't have to participate, and can wait till you feel comfortable doing so. We welcome anyone who can join a group the purpose of which is to examine any and all ideas. We believe the process of philosophy is that of thinking more deeply than one currently does. (If you have a belief system that you must not allow to be questioned, our group is not for you. It is more important to us that our ideas be challenged than that they be accepted.)

We have generally found that we do not need a designated topic for discussion, in that our discussions seem to have multiple topics (impact of new technology, economic and political systems, crazy new ideas that have merit, humanoblasts and humanoclasts, robots and quantum computers, educational paradigms, mind-body problem, philosophy of science, the joy of watching trains, ultimate ethical principles, serial killers, sex, gods, mechanism of action of human sacrifice, punitiveness vs. non-punitiveness, Objectivism vs. Christianity vs. Humanianity, etc.), many of which move along from meeting to meeting.

If you have a wish to focus on a specific topic, you can post your idea on the Message Board and/or bring it up in the administrative part of our meeting. Our current method is to make such decisions in our meeting, not in between meetings.

RSVP is appreciated, but not required, so if you make a last-minute decision to come (or not come), that’s okay. Email me with any questions and/or suggestions, or post them on the Message Board.

We meet in the Versailles Room at Amelie's. The room is fantastic for our purposes. We can all sit around a table and see and hear each other, while experiencing exhilarating relief from existential aloneness. We are also open to the idea of meeting elsewhere, if our group has a better idea.