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Off Camera Lighting 2 - Light Modification: Quality vs Quantity

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This class is the second in a four part series on off camera lighting. Classes will meet on the second Sunday of each month until they are finished. Attendees must sign up for all four classes and pay the total fees up front. The fees for this event cover all four classes in the series. Once an attendee signs up for the first class they will be automatically rsvp'd for each of the additional classes.

Ok we now know how to make a flash or strobe (or continuous light) work off of our camera. It's over there sitting on it's stand and now we need to know what to do with it. How do we shape it? Control it? Adjust it? This class is all about light modification. We'll be talking about a wide range of light modification techniques and the modifiers they employ.

Students will get hands on experience with diffusion screens, reflectors, grids, soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and more. It's not necessary to own any of these things in order to get something out of learning to use them. Sometimes it's good to know why you don't want to use something too. Students will walk away with a solid understanding of how to manipulate any type of light they may encounter for photographic purposes.

Refund policy: Since advance sign up for these classes is required, the refund policy will only allow for refunds if a student pulls out of the class five days before the first class takes place on November 10th. Refunds will be subject to Amazon's transaction fees.


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