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We are a local group who seek to meet, discuss and share our experiences, beliefs, and knowledge of this phenomena. This subject matter is one of the most important in today's world. This is not OUR words, but those of the United States government.

If you didn't know before today, that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are real, understand that the term merely means anything in the sky that is unidentifiable. The same goes for the new term Unexplained Ariel Phenomena (UAP). What we are about is what the highest ranking officers and operatives in the United States government have already affirmed back on September 23rd, 1947, "the phenomena, is real not visionary or fictitious." (Google the General Twining Memo or read any book by Richard Dolan)

If you are tired of hearing about this strange topic and want to know what the heck its all about, (As Sir Winston Churchill once asked his Security Chiefs) come join us for a session and not be judged. If you have been following the subject matter for a while and have deeper questions as to what all of this recent activity and government disclosures around the world mean, also come join us. All personal perspectives are welcome and respected. Our current Coordinator has some 43 years of experience in the field.

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January UFO Meet 2019

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November 2018 UFO Meet!

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September 2018 UFO Meet

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Summer Break Meet

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