Building Stakeholder Empathy

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As UX experts, we speak with users because we know that creating a product that is intuitive to them makes for a better product. Do we do the same with our stakeholders? How often do we “study” our stakeholders in order to present our ideas or facilitate a discussion in a way that makes sense to them?

In this talk, I discuss how building empathy for our stakeholders can lead to better solutions by breaking down barriers, removing distractions, and improving communication.

Speaker Bio:
Leilani Johnson began her career as a Project Manager in the advertising industry. Over time, she found herself gravitating toward managing projects that involved UX and wanted to learn more about enriching lives through good product design.

Leilani returned to school and earned her Master's in Human-Computer Interaction. She is now a Senior UX Architect at Cardinal Solutions, specializing in IA with a growing interest in Product Strategy. On the weekends, she enjoys brunch, fitness classes, and playing with Shug Avery, her American Pit Bull Terrier.