Let's Talk about 'Change Blindness'!


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Most designers know about the phenomenon of "banner blindness", where users overlook banner ads and other important content that looks like banner ads...But have you heard about "Change Blindness"? Change blindness occurs when a user fails to notice a change in the user interface, despite visual cues. It often occurs when something obstructs our vision momentarily during a change event. Many UX designers are concerned that 'change blindness is becoming a major problem when designing for the web.

During this talk, we will define "change blindness" and how it occurs in digital spaces. We'll show examples and discuss what designers should consider when trying to prevent change blindness for users. About the Speaker:
Michael Head is a senior front end developer at Ally Financial, where we focuses on creating great user experiences through solid engineering. He’s worked for companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 50 companies. He’s a graduate of UNC’s School of Information and Library Science, where he received his MS in Information Science, focusing on UX and HCI topics.

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