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Mingle and Munch at Micky and Mooch!!!

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Mingle and Munch

at Micky & Mooch to bring in the SPRING!!!! We are shooting for the patio but if the weather is inclement, Micky promises the Fountain Room for our group!!!

Let's bring in the SPRING with a great MEETUP meeting new friends and dancing the night away! Or just moshing with our friends! If you haven't been anywhere with our groups before you will LOVE, LOVE this group! It's NOT about DATING!!! It's about Meeting and Being with others just to get out of the house!!!! If you meet someone you like, that's up to you! I don't care! Well, I DO care, but that's up to YOU!!! But the main thing is just get off that couch!!!! Come out and meet other fine businessmen and women and be together to have fun! Clean cut fun! We do not encourage hard liquor nor bars, we think wine and beer are as far as you need to do to have fun! We LOVE to dance! But if you are not a dancer that is fine too! Come out and have some good fun in a very safe, friendly environment. Mickey wants to have us all on the patio this time. Let's do this!!!! Get off that couch and join us! Our friendly Organizer team will make SURE you feel welcomed and meet others!

I am looking forward to seeing you all again! OR making new friends with you!!!! And you will meet many new friends this way. PROMISE!!!

Http// and key in Arboretum location.

So let's Mingle and Munch at Micky & Mooch on May 4. We will take lots of pictures as usual to post on the web and you will be famous for at least your 15 seconds of fame! Members and guests pay their own tab and please be generous with the staff so they will ask us back! Come meet new friends and old!

Remember most of these people have never met each other but are reaching out to do so at meetups, so go meet them if they seem shy.

See you there! Just Lil' Ole Me (Patricia Downing)

And my trusty crowd, Ann Marie, Helen, Suzy, Kathleen, Katherine, JR, Rick, Dan, and all my other organizers. This is gonna be a "biggie!"

I feel it in my bones!!! hehehe!

I love you all! Patricia Downing (Just Lil' Ole Me)