CAMS Roundtable -= SOUTH PARK =-


The weather is getting cold enough now we will be resuming our indoor meetups just inside of Qdoba. Please make sure that we occupy the tables in the back first before moving towards the front, try to keep the noise below a con-level roar, patron our lovely hosts if you can, and remember to put the tables back!

If we're outside: Please don't block their door and remember to put the tables and chairs back if they were moved! Thank you!

This is just a general meet and greet, perfect for a first meetup. Come meet new members, hang out with old members, talk about anime/manga/video games/movies/cons/cosplay/whatever, make future plans for cosplay/cons/meetups, and generally make merry! This is a very casual get-together, just relax, talk, and have fun! Expect a lot of general conversation and merry making. If you've got an anime you want to discuss feel free to bring it up! If you need advice on cosplay/props ask around! If you have an idea for a fun meetup or viewing let us know! Also, when people start saying "Ice Cream!" that means it's time to migrate downstairs to Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop! We usually go there at 8pm.

Roger is in charge of these meetups, if you have trouble finding him ask around or flail your arms and shout his name - he'll find you!

When you are at Ben and Jerry's PLEASE 1) Don't crowd the counter if you're not in line. We've scared a handful of people out of that shop by mistake because they thought there was a 20 person line! OOPS. 2) Act appropriately around other customers. Some people hate crowds and we can't help them! But, especially if there are little ones around, try to watch your language and lewd gestures! They'll learn all that eventually, but let's try to make sure it's not from us!

Thank you! :)

Patrick doing my thing again.. spicing up the description a little with another AMV. Sam may kill me later.