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state-of-the-art marketing tools and methods for real estate investors

Today's state-of-the-art marketing tools and methods for real estate investors, to increase the audience you reach and stay ahead of the competition. Including - :: Cost effective on-line and off-line marketing techniques to grow your real estate business. :: Find more profitable deals, without having to use the MLS or foreclosure databases, or rely on agents. :: Attract more distressed sellers, find buyers or tenants faster, and gather interest from investment partners easier. :: Automating your Craigslist campaigns for maximum conversion with little effort. Know when to post, how to post, and what to post. :: Automating your follow up using drip email and capture pages. :: Organic techniques to drive traffic to your site, make your phone ring, and close more deals. Please be sure to send me your full name, phone number & email, so that we can get you on the list for this event? We have to have a way to reach you other than Meetup, Thank you, Mark, Group Organizer, [masked] / [masked]

Advanced Negotiation Strategies for real estate investors!


May Monthly Meeting of Charlotte Real Estate Investors!
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Hello Everyone, Regarding having live monthly meetings! Who can help? Who can help with: Date? Time? Location? Please contact me today! [masked], Mark, Group Organizer

FREE Training! Big Profits in Small Apartments!
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We are working on dates for both notes and apartments.... Multi-family investing can appear to be very intimidating at first glance until you realize that this is the way to go for more safety and bigger cashflow. (working on dates for this) Our upcoming speaker, Tom, is no stranger to due diligence when it comes down to small apartments and note buying. Tom graduated from Texas A&M University in Commerce with a degree in Economics and Finance. An emphasis in economics and finance made a perfect match for entering the field of real estate and financing. Tom began his real estate career in the 1980's in the complex field of exchanging real estate. It was here where Tom was introduced into area of creative financing and real estate notes. Investing in real estate for almost a quarter of a century, Tom is well versed in "no money" techniques, and creative financing. He is well known for sharing his knowledge freely. Tom got his first note education from John Berven in 1980. In his class were such notables as Robert Allen and John Behle. Tom learned from the best, with the best. Because of his no nonsense, creative techniques, Tom receives calls nationwide asking for his advice and expertise. Tom is a sought after speaker and writer, who teaches powerful, "money in your pocket" methods of acquiring and disposing of real estate. His specialty is owner finance notes, and applying the wonders of time value of money as a practical vehicle for creating wealth. Tom is famous for turning "poor quality" notes into astronomical yields, and his ability to satisfy both the buyers' and sellers' needs through owner financing. Buying apartments has a learning curve much different than single family residences. Tom’s presentation will give you a good overview of the “in’s and out’s” of buying apartments. Here is part of what you will discover: How to locate great small apartment deals from 5-100 units. What is an APOD and why you MUST know how to properly input the data What is NOI and why this MUST be correct What is a Cap Rate How to Determine Exactly What You Will Pay for the an Apartment 2 Traps to avoid Due diligence you MUST not Omit What makes a deal a deal. Where to get funding for your apartment deal. How to structure your deal with owner financing The top methods for getting into these deals and profiting immediately Plus much, much more. Join Tom for this informative presentation. Bring your questions and comments. ///// This will be considerably different than what Brad will taught in his FREE Webinar. Brad's very first complex was 32 units. He bought a second one, (38 units? Not sure?) he made over a million dollars in three years on those two deals. (He rolled ALL of the profit over in a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange into more and larger deals in Dallas) he now controls over 1,000 units in Dallas. //// I will have another one of my experts speak on this topic. I have another man (Tom) from Dallas who has a specialty in smaller complexes. I done a few, and I continue to learn. More to come about this.

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