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Welcome to the Charlottesville Gaming Group!

This group is intended to be a meeting place for anybody in the Charlottesville-Staunton-Harrisonburg area who enjoys card games, board games, miniatures games, roleplaying games, or war games. Everybody is welcome.

Would you like to meet a group of friendly local gamers at a public venue?

We currently have 3 weekly board game meetings in Charlottesville, on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We also have a meeting every other week in Charlottesville on Tuesday, and every other week in Palmyra (about 30 minutes from Charlottesville) on Saturday. We play a wide variety of games, and we are willing to teach new players. Sometimes members will mention in the event's comments which games they're bringing. Attending one of these three meetings is a great way to get connected into the group and start meeting other gamers. If you have questions about any of these meetings, you can email the event host through the meetup site.

Every other Tuesday @ 6 PM – Family Game Night @ The End (143 Zan Road, Charlottesville, VA). Host: Craig Girard

Thursdays @ 6 PM - Beer and Board Games @ Holly’s Deli and Pub (1221 East Market St., Charlottesville). Host: Luke Myers

Saturdays @ 7 PM – Saturday Game Nights @ The End (143 Zan Road, Charlottesville, VA). Host: Tom from The End Games (434-973-2205)

Every other Saturday from 6-10 PM - Lake Monticello Board Game Club @ Fluvanna County Library (214 Commons Blvd., Palmyra). Host: Craig Girard

Sundays from 12 PM – 8 PM – Game Time @ Rail Tales (705c Dale Avenue, Charlottesville). Host: Nathan Robb

Own a game and looking for players?

Hit "Suggest a Meetup" on the main group page to start a meetup, or hit the discussion button and start a discussion, or just bring the game to one of the 2 regular weekly meetings.

Want to play a game you don't own?

Go to "Discussion" and choose the discussion titled "Game Collections." Browse different members' game collections, and if you see a game you'd like to try, message the owner to see if he/she will post a meetup for the game or bring it to one of the 2 regular weekly meetings. You can click on any game in the game lists and it will take you to a site with reviews, pictures, and more information about the game. You can also start a new discussion on the discussion board.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the group organizer, by clicking the contact button on the left side of the main group screen (about halfway down, right underneath the picture of a person).

Happy gaming!

Upcoming events (5+)

C'Ville Coffee Saturday Gaming Group

C'ville Coffee

• What we'll do Had an old gaming group for this meetup that used to meet regularly on Saturdays at C'Ville Coffee. Trying to restart that group over the New Year for board games, card games, chess, or whatever other games people would be interested in playing. • What to bring Any kind of game you would like to introduce people to playing or would like to find a group of people to play that game with. • Important to know

Tabletop Role-Playing Games: Meet and Greet

C'ville Coffee

Hello! This is a monthly meetup for local tabletop role-playing gamers. We would like to provide a safe and inviting space for gamers to connect with new friends, or catch up with old ones, and talk about the hobby. After everyone gets settled in we will do introductions and have a short topic conversation to help break the ice. As an example, we might talk about good or bad game design, successful storytelling techniques, good table-habits, and GM or Player advice. Afterwards, we will break up into small groups and either chat some more, or do some gaming. If you're looking for players or a GM, it's a great opportunity to pitch a your game ideas. So whether you're a veteran gamer or completely new to the hobby, either looking for a face-to-face group or an online group on Roll20, I hope you'll join us. Thank you and please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Board Games & Beer @ Holly's Diner

Holly's Deli and Pub

Game Night! Join us at Holly's to meet new people, play a bunch of games you've never heard of before, and to grab a drink or dinner. There are approximately 20 of us on any given Thursday night, so don't let the RSVP numbers fool you. We each bring a game we want to play or you can learn from the rest of us as we have more than a duffel bag of options. We bring a wide variety of games ranging from party games (Codenames, Avalon), dice games (King of Tokyo, Takenoko), card games (Dominion, Villages of Valeria) to strategic Euros (Lords of Waterdeep), or beautifully themed games (Inis, Cosmic Encounters). Even if you haven't heard of any of those games, now is the time to start learning! The happy hour runs through 9 PM for cider, craft beer, and rail drinks. And let me tell you - it's the best deal around. So everyone, come join us for an evening of competition and cooperation. If you're new to the scene, we'll get you plugged into something easy to get you hooked. I'll see you there! -Luke

Retro-Throwback Magic Drafts or simple casual play

Travis Hilton's Apartment

Love Magic: The Gathering but have other gaming interests or focuses as well? Don't have the large amounts of money required to spend in order to play competitively or in local tournaments? I'm looking to get a consistent group of around 8-16 amateur/casual players to run some older block drafts for Magic. Currently we have around 4 or 5 consistent players. Perhaps some Limited Sealed, Block Cube Draft, or Cube Draft as well. All cards and product provided for drafts/sealed, so no materials needed. Have an old format you're nostalgic for? Suggestions welcome. May run some small entry-fee ($5?) tournaments in order to provide some friendly competition for prize support or packs from current Magic sets. Feel free to join our micro-stakes poker game on Tuesday Nights as well if you'd like to learn to play poker! I may also run some free Standard draft environments so people can get practice in for local FNM tournaments before having to spend money on packs.

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Magic the Gathering booster draft

Rail Tales

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