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Netrunner & LCG Night at The End Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm

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The End is currently running a Living Card Game Night on Tuesdays through-out the summer.

Feel free to come join us if you want to learn Netrunner, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Warhammer Invasion or any of the other card games that Fantasy Flight Games puts out in their LCG line.

I'm also happy to throw together a myriad of decks for the other CCG's I own if people want to play some fun and balanced decks (I can make a ton of different deck types for variety) that don't require any monetary outlay from you. Games such as:

(1) Star Wars CCG by Decipher (in my top three games ever produced - most likely number one! Especially if you're really into the Star Wars universe. Is a little complicated and confusing at first, but well worth learning how to play and once you know the mechanics after a a few games...

(2) 7th Sea (a pirate game where you can board other player's ships and have sword duels, fire cannons to sink other ships, and complete treasure hunts/quests to basically level up). Plays well for several people.

(3) UFS (this is a whole bunch of old fighting games in card form thrown together - Street Fighter, SoulCalibur, King of Fighters, Nightstalkers, etc.) Want to have Ryu fight Nightmare? Dhalsim fight Mitsurugi? No problem.

No money required on any of these since I own the majority of the cards (or all of them for Star Wars), just time to learn these card games and have fun with us. A lot of these are even dead card games that are often sold for twenty bucks or less for a box.