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    Hi! I recently relocated to Charlottesville from New England. I enjoy Hockey, Soccer and Motorsports (F1, GT's), but I've got a lifelong passion for board games :)
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    Stellar group we've got here! I love meeting all the new comers. And of course, discovering and learning a new game is the best!
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    Hi. Interested in playing Rpg's, wargames and board games.
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    I used to do table top games back when the Game Place was on the downtown mall. Now that I'm finished with college I'd like to meet some new people and get back into gaming. I enjoy most types of games: board, paper, video.
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    There's always money in the banana stand...
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    I am a geekdad living in Lake Monticello looking to have fun playing board/card games.
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    Hello! I'm a double Hoo working in Charlottesville in transit planning and data analysis. I enjoy board and computer games, cycling, cooking, etc.
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    Hello my name is Nathan Robb. I am the assistant manager and games manager at Rail Tales.
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    Glad to see somebody else picking up this torch again. Count me in on the ongoing efforts though. :)
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    Hello, mostly been a rpg'er and a word game person. It's been a while since I've been rpg'ing though.