Wes S.Wes S.

Wes S.

Organizer, MOB TV Crew of 3


Baltimore, MD

Joined group

Nov 15, 2012


Filmmaker for Mobtelevision. www.mobtelevision.com

Do you want to make your own film?

Sony FX-1

Have you made your own film before?

Comedy film shorts moving into sitcoms.

Have you helped others make their films? And if so in what capacity?

Adobe Premiere Pro on a PC in a tower. I really need a strong CPU RAM combo.

Are you interested in helping others make their films?

Our lighting has never been consistent. In fact I can't think of any two pieces that used the same lighting.

What filmmaking skills and/or equipment if any can you bring to the table?

Yes. Filmmaking is grueling, exhausting and overwhelming. And it is also the very best part of my day.