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Crafting the Witch: Astrology I

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Expanding your Astrological Consciousness This is a four part class designed to take what we know about astrology and move on from the normal cut and dry ‘cook book’ interpretations. Participants of all levels of astrology are welcome – we will catch you up, so don’t worry if you’re new! We will review the houses, planets, signs and how they pertain to each other. Most of us have some understanding of astrology, so we will catch up and then move forward so that we can expand our knowledge of the heavens, how they affect us and ultimately who we really are. We will take a deeper look into aspects of the planets, and how to read how these energies are interacting in your natal birth chart and current transits. We will then look at other elements such as Chiron, Dark Moon, Lilith, the Midheaven, the north and south nodes. The goal for this class is to further develop the mind and its abilities to read into your natal chart for personal insight and clarity. New ways of looking at what you already know, thinks you didn’t know to look for and things you’ve never seem before. Once you understand your natural energy flow, as well as your souls progression, you can further develop your magic and meditation skills. We will also explore Progressions and Solar Arcs and how the planets move throughout your lifetime to reflect your inner development. And finally we will talk about the upcoming transits and Eclipses of 2009 so you can get an idea of what to expect in the year ahead! This class is meant to be fun but also self-exploring. Some meditations will also be taught to free your mind of the every-day static so you can approach your birth chart with clarity.

Part I – House, Planets, Signs, Aspects We will discuss How this energy plays out in your chart, and how to scry deeper into what this means for you. We will learn how to let your birth chart speak to you, Meditation and mind expansion, and how to work with your natural energy. What your planets are doing, how they’re talking to each other, how your mind works, how your energy flows, and how you can function to your best ability.

If you are new, no problem! We will catch you up. Learning astrology takes time – don’t worry if you feel that you don’t ‘get it’. $40.00

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