What we're about


Hi, I am Ronan, taking over after Walter. You will probably notice no major differences in the objectives, philosophy and goals of the group as I do share the same vision of photography as Walter.

I will continue the breakfast and introduce a French variant called the “Apero Photo”. Usually the “Apero” takes place around 7pm, for the sunset, so we can mix photography and talk around a drink.

What we're about

The goal of the Chasing Light - Photography Adventures Meetup group is to provide the photography enthusiast the opportunity to participate in planned events with like-minded people. The group is open to all skill levels from the just curious to the polished professional. The group is non-discriminating – all are welcome. The group is financially transparent – there is no profiteering. All things related to the management, planning, and administration of the group are free of charge. With few exceptions, any event related charges (park passes, hotel rooms, airline tickets, etc…) will be paid by the participant directly to the non-Meetup vendor. Exceptions to this are when the vendor demands a single group payment – in those cases, the bill and receipt will be made available to all participants. The group’s Meetups will range from simple hour long events to photograph a sunrise/sunset to multi-day international trips.

My background……..

I love taking pictures.

I am a former French Merchant Navy officer who spent most of his time around the world on container ships or on my sailing boat. A sea salt life 😊

During my trips I saw incredible landscape and colors, met plenty of stunning people and I started photography to keep a memory of all these wonderful moments.

Then, with my wife, we moved to Marseille (south of France) and started hiking in the mountains nearby the city. The landscapes are incredible and various, so whatever the difficulty of the terrain I always carried a camera with a bunch of lenses.

I love planning to take pictures.

I have a day job. I’m not a professional photographer. During the weekends I plan my photography adventures. I contemplate seasons, wildlife migrations, celestial events, positions of the Sun, phases of the Moon, declinations of both, weather, equipment, etc…etc…etc… I put it all together into a plan and then gather my equipment and jump in my car and I’m off to take pictures.

By the way if some of you are interested in astro photo, please shoot me a mail.

Why you should join……..

* There are no fees and there never will be.

* We will have events every month - at a minimum.

* You’ll make new friends.

* You’ll have fun.

Rules you should be aware of………

* While there are no dues, a Non-Refundable “Flake” deposit may be required on certain adventures with limited attendance availability. If you show up, you receive your deposit back immediately. If you do not show up, and do not have an incredibly good excuse, your deposit will be shared among those that did show up. Repeated “Flakes” will result in removal from the group.

* Commercial solicitation of any kind by any member without authorization of the group organizer will result in that member’s immediate removal from the group.

* This is not a singles dating club. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member’s immediate removal from the group.

* This is a safe place free of intimidation. If you cannot maintain a positive, friendly, and supportive attitude, stay home. Bullying and intimidation in any form will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member’s immediate removal from the group.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our group.

I hope that you’ll join us.

Best Regards,


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