Exploring Conversation Design @ Symplicit


Hello Humans! We're back again for our bimonthly Meetup, to share our experiences in all things conversational in tech.

This event will focus on the experience design side of Conversational UI.

Hosted by Symplicit, a strategy and design agency working in the space.
We'll hear from one of their senior experience designers, Amy Cleary, as well as Fraser Allison, PhD student at the University of Melbourne Interaction Design Lab.

Amy will outline some key principles in Conversation Design, drawn from her own research working in the startup space, as well as from reviewing other people’s conventional research.

Fraser will be describing three studies on conversational interactions in video games, and how players react to characters that talk back to them.

At our last event, the conversations after the talks were so engaging and went long after the scheduled programming, so this time we'll have more time for that and a tighter schedule for structured talks.

Really looking forward to seeing those faces again and meeting some new ones!


The capacity of this venue is limited, so if you've RSVPd and can't make it, please consider that and update your attendance.