Hike to Sycamore Falls

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DATE: Saturday August 9th
DISTANCE: 3.2 miles
DIFFICULTY: moderate
MEETING PLACE: Grundy Forest parking lot
PETS: Dogs must remain on leash at all times
* * Please note that although the hike takes place in the central time zone, all event times posted via CHM are posted according to the EASTERN time zone since Chattanooga is where the club is based. Please keep this in mind on the day of the hike when planning your arrival * *
The Sycamore Falls hike is a 3.2 mile hike of moderate difficulty due to some rocky and steep areas. Immediately dropping off the top of the plateau (at the Grundy Forest Parking Lot) the trail winds by a 350 year old Hemlock tree at the base of an impressive rock shelter (with some chipped flint still able to be found!)
From there the trail joins the Big Fiery Gizzard Creek and follows it for about half a mile before crossing a bridge and overlooking Black Canyon, a small "slot canyon" about 15 feet deep, 5-10 yards wide and 100 yards long. The hiking becomes a little more difficult in this section because of the skinny trail and steeper climbs but is soon forgotten by the Chimneys, natural rock towers between 30 and 50 feet high.
Sycamore Falls is a short jaunt from the Chimneys and the trail overlooks this 15' waterfall and the surrounding cliffs. From here we would back track to the bridge where we would then continue along the Grundy Day Loop passing a few other waterfalls before ending back at the parking lot.
What the Sycamore Falls Hike lacks in grandeur like Foster Falls and the Stone Door, it makes up in intricate beauty. The Fiery Gizzard is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world. It is not hard feel isolated in the dense thickets of Mountain Laurel and Hemlock, but with the sounds of the Big Fiery Gizzard Creek carrying a soothing ambiance the hike becomes peaceful, almost relaxing.
Being a nature hike, be sure to bring a healthy curiosity to learn!