VIP Messy Relationship Mission

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Every 2 weeks on Thursday until September 5, 2019

400 E Main St

400 E Main St · Chattanooga, TN

How to find us

400 E. Main St. Suite 140E Chattanooga 37408. You can park in the gravel parking lot next to Granfaloon. Enter from Main Street, walk down the hallway (left of staircase). Go through the gray door.

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This VIP experience is for amazing people like you. Release date for "Beyond Messy Relationships" is September 10th. We're hosting a local and virtual "Beyond Messy Experience Event."

My goal in providing this event is three-fold:

1. TO SERVE = I want to make a positive difference and honor each person's dignity, value and worth. This is a movement to help heal relationships and individuals. Anything I do flows a heart of service. I'm committed to add value to like-minded world you. I count it a high honor and deep privilege to serve you.

2. TO TEACH = In order to do this, I will help equip you to make a positive difference. I'm taking big risks by revealing a live couples counseling session to the public on September 10th. I'm taking breaths of A.I.R. (Awareness, Intentionality, Risks) after 13+ year career in counseling and what I've learned from writing "Beyond Messy Relationships." I'm giving you a front row seat along the way.

3. TO MOBILIZE = My purpose is simple: to uphold the value, dignity and worth of every human being beyond messy relationships. Throughout history whenever a tribe of people bonded together and banded together for a common purpose, the world was never the same. I created this group for readers who resonate with making a difference. Rather than remain stuck in the messiness of relationships, we know there's purpose and movement enough to change the world.

Although we come from a variety of backgrounds most of our launch team members fit into 1 of 4 demographics:

1. LEADERS: Some of you lead congregations, ministries, employees, students, or clients. You want to make an impact and influence from your place of vibrant authenticity.

2. READERS: Some of you are here because you resonate with "Beyond Messy Relationships." You've had aha moments about your life and relationships. You're on this journey to your authentic self. Or, you believe you've already arrived and you want to make an impact.

3. FAMILY MEMBERS: Some of you have loved ones that are living "mental differences" or estranged relationships. You've experienced heart-ache and grief. Yet, you know there's purpose beyond the messes.

4. FRIENDS: Some of you have been with me for a while. others are brand new friends. Either way, I'm truly blessed we're on this journey together.

Whatever group you're in...welcome. Remember, a VIP Experience only works when the members get off the bench and into the game. No spectators allowed.

More details to come. Each local (and virtual) meeting is designed with clear purpose.

Thanks in advance for all the action you will take. I'm forever grateful. - Judy :)

Also, If you're on Facebook, please connect through private FB group "VIP Beyond Messy Movement"