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Calling all men; want to explore what it means to be a man in 2016 and beyond?

This is a group where men can confidentially express themselves, find support and be challenged. It will create a space to explore what it means to be man; offer support, feedback, accountability, and challenge us to grow into the best versions of ourselves. It will explore fitness, money, relationships, career, sex, integrity, authenticity, going big, purpose and spirituality.

This group does not discriminate in any form, you are welcome what ever your race or sexual orientation, as long as you identify yourself as a man you are welcome.

Could you commit to 2-3 hours twice a month for eight meetings and see how support and brotherhood of fellow men can change your world? There will be no singing Kumbaya, no group therapy, and no fire walking - just some guys meeting to explore the truth of being a man, to have each other's back and create brotherhood. If the first eight meetings gets you going you can always come back for more.

This is a non-sexual meet-up group.

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