• We are BACK! Come be a part of the CHEF-NYC meetup revival on December 4th

    We're BACKKKK! Come join us for a revival of the Chef-NYC meetup on December 4th at 6pm. We will be talking about Habitat and how we are changing the world on how applications are automated and migrated; Build Once, Deploy anywhere! This will be an interactive session, so bring your laptop and make sure you have ssh and/or RDP client available. Space is limited so please make sure you RSVP ASAP! Thank you to our friends at Big Apple Devops and ShopKeep for helping us out!!!! I cannot wait to see you all there!

  • Devopsdays is coming to NYC!

    Microsoft MTC

    • What we'll do Exciting news from the D-O-D-NYC committee! http://dod.nyc Speakers announced. Wow! I've never seen such an amazing lineup of speakers! The best of the best. The committee this year was flooded with so many amazing proposals but sadly it is a 2-day conference so they had to be very selective. Who benefits? You! Early bird discount ends on Friday. Register soon and save! DevOpsDays-NYC 2018 is Thu/Fri January 18-19, 2018 in midtown Manhattan. Easy to get to via all forms of public transportation. For more information: http://dod.nyc • What to bring • Important to know Please register at http://dod.nyc. You cannot register by responding to this meetup!

  • Habitat in Production

    Stack Overflow

    Come join Seth Thomas, Community Engineer for Chef, where he talks about Habitat in Production. The Habitat Supervisor is responsible for deploying, managing, and choreographing running Habitat services. This session will explore a number of the operational concerns that the supervisor enables. See how to manage secrets, store configuration changes in version control systems, update running applications, and choreograph application upgrades. This is the talk for anyone who is ready to run Habitat services in a production environment. For more information on Habitat, visit https://habitat.sh 6:30pm Doors open 6:30-7pm Social time 7pm: Speaker starts 9pm: Meeting ends

  • Habitat World Tour: NYC

    Microsoft MTC

    Continuing in our series of hands-on events, please join Ian Henry, Chef's Habitat Community Director, as we will be providing a hands on event at Microsoft's MSTSC Center using Habitat! Please register at https://pages.chef.io/HandsOnWithHabitat_NYC_RSVP.html. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Continuous Compliance Workshop

    Convene Conference Center

    Please join us and meet Chef CEO, Barry Crist and CMO, Ken Cheney on Monday, May 8 from 9:30 to 2:30 for an interactive session that explores ways to automatically and easily run compliance assessments and quickly remediate vulnerabilities and policy violations. We’ll show you how to use Chef Automate to go from quarterly audits to continuous compliance. For more details, visit https://events.chef.io/events/continuous-compliance-workshop/ Please register at the link above https://pages.chef.io/ContinuousCompliance_NYC_RSVP.html

  • InSpec: Compliance as Code workshop

    Location visible to members

    Come Join us as the incomparable and amazing Adam Leff, InSpec Community Advocate, talks about InSpec, an open-source testing framework for infrastructure with a human-readable language for specifying compliance, security and other policy requirements. More information can be found at https://www.chef.io/inspec THIS WILL BE A HANDS-ON EVENT. Attendees need a network-enabled laptop with a terminal that supports SSH and the latest version of the Chrome web browser. For example: • Windows 7+ with Putty or Cygwin with OpenSSH & Chrome Web browser • Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) with Chrome Web browser • Ubuntu 14.04+ with Chrome Web browser. PLEASE NOTE that due to the security requirements for the location, RSVP for this meetup will be closed by 2pm of the day of the event. Unfortunately, an option of "+1's" isn't allowed. We need full names of everyone coming to the event as we need to provide a full list of attendees to the security's front desk.

  • Habitat Hack Night NYC!

    Microsoft MTC

    This Hack Night is being co-organized by Chef and Microsoft! Calling all NYC area Habitat and Docker enthusiasts! Let’s spend an evening together playing with Habitat and getting some of your favorite services or applications habitized! We’ll break into small, self-selected working groups to take an application or service of your choice and habitize it. If your laptop already has a working Habitat and Docker setup, awesome! If not, no problem -- we’ll have a breakout group to get you going. Please register at http://bit.ly/habitathack_nyc

  • INFORMATIONAL ONLY: Chef Fundamentals Class in NYC

    Needs a location

    THIS IS INFORMATIONAL ONLY: Chef Essentials in NYC starting November 14th. Register with the NYCMEETUP code and get 20% off! ACT NOW!

  • NY Linux Users Group: Habitat meetup

    Civic Hall

    PLEASE DO NOT RSVP TO THIS MEETUP: To register, please follow this link: https://www.meetup.com/nylug-meetings/events/234083053/

  • Habitat: Application automation


    Join me, Ricardo Lupo, where we will introduce Habitat, an exciting new open source project from Chef, where the automation travels with the app. Imagine a world where applications are packaged with all the intelligence they need to run in production. Habitat makes this world possible, by producing immutable artifacts and a runtime environment, for new AND legacy applications. Habitat extends the reach of containers and guarantees the application’s behavior on any infrastructure. Learn how you can finally solve the build, manage and deploy cycle for any application on any platform.