What we're about

Looking to see whether there's interest in creating a local Chelsea meetup group for casual social gatherings/ pubs/ eat-outs/ local outdoor activities/ wine tastings in the Chelsea/ Wakefield Quebec areas. I participate in a weekly Ottawa 'social gathering' in which folks meet once a week for a quick beer/ glass of wine before heading home after work - usually around 4:00 or so. Some nights there may be only 5 people and others 25 or more depending on who wishes/ is able to drop in and as a result there's always a bunch of friends to connect with and enjoy. The wide range of interests/ professions/ ages makes this gathering so much fun - and with so many friendships as a result. Chelsea might be the perfect place to have a regular gathering scheduled with folks invited once a week or so by text/ email. If you're interested, let me know and I will see if there's interest in arranging a test event! We could test a local favourite, Chelsea Pub, to start!