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International psychic reader Sonia Sarkali (based in Brighton) is doing psychic soul readings in Chelsea, London (five minutes from Embankment). Sonia Sarkali has a particular way to do psychic readings through cards, palmistry and with the help of her spirit guides. Sonia Sarkali is a professional serious reader with a PhD background of Anthropology of religion. More than 30 years of experience.

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In this course we’ll explore the path of the priestess, specifically in the tradition of Ancient Greece. All women are priestesses, it is in our DNA, we just need to awaken our inner power to understand and work with the energy. We’ll learn how to heal our old wounds and to heal others, understanding how to empower ourselves and manifest what we need in these times of uncertainty. These sessions are rooted in the magical spiritual traditions emerging from the temple of Aphrodite. Be ready to transform yourself and become your own Priestess. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, laughter, sexuality and fertility. Other related Goddesses: Venus (Rome), Oshun (Yoruba), Freyja (Norse), Xochiquetzal (Aztec), etc.

The course is for four weeks and each session is two hours.

1. The Birth of Aphrodite. Through spiritual visualisation, we will arrive in the temple of Aphrodite in Ancient Greece. Self-Love.

2. Meeting Aphrodite. Empowerment. Spiritual Visualisation, embodying the power of Aphrodite in our lives. Opening the Third Eye. Love, romance and relationships.

3. Creation. Receiving the magic of Aphrodite to manage our freedom and shamanic work to become a Priestess. Spiritual visualisation to work with creativity, beauty and pleasure.

4. Rebirth. Opening to fulfilment, healing, and rebirth to complete connection with divinity, finishing the work done and preparing to be ready for living in the world as a Priestess of Aphrodite.

All the Sessions will be recorded and sent to you the following day by email, you can watch them again for seven days.

£50 for the whole course. Please pay in advance.

If you are interested to be a Priestess of Aphrodite and experience this aspect of the divine feminine, please contact me: SMS to[masked]

or send an email to: [masked]

May the magic of Aphrodite be with you.


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