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Paul Maddox has achieved what many engineering fans wish they could - he’s turned a passion for synthesisers into a career.

Starting back in 2000, Paul created a synthesiser that would become something of a cult design - the Modulus Monowave ( ) was created while still working full time and hand assembled by him in evenings and weekend spare time.

With the knowledge gained through this effort, Paul created a whole stream of innovative designs for ‘pocket synths’ - affordable devices for electronic musicians.

At the beginning of this year, Paul quit his ‘day job' and is now focussed full time on building Modulus into a unique British synthesiser power house; with a new and radical design, which takes Modulus designs to the pro / semi-pro musician, bringing technologies and features never before seen in a synthesiser.

Despite all of his efforts in building a new business, Paul remains very grounded in the amateur synth design and is a keen supporter of the annual Synth-DIY meeting in Cambridge.

Paul’s talk will explain some of the incredible journey that designing synths has taken him on.

Once again we are lucky enough to be back at DeepSpaceWorks, a small donation (£3) towards the venue would be greatly appreciated.


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