Openstack Night

This is a past event

15 people went


For our second night of the year we have Paul Carlton from HP talking about Openstack:

Openstack is opensource software for running cloud computing environments.
Using Openstack it is possible manage virtual machines and data storage
resources. Openstack is written in Python and can be downloaded and deployed
on a single machine (for development purposes) or used to manage cloud
computing services comprising a few or even thousands of physical machines.
It is separated into a number of components, primarily...

Nova - manages virtual machines
Glance - for managing machine images.
Cinder - for managing persistent disk volumes
Neutron - management of networking
Swift - data storage

Major organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Red Hat and IBM are major
contributors to Openstack and it is fast becoming the defacto standard for
opensource cloud computing.

Paul Carlton

Paul works for Hewlett Packard's Cloud Service Software team in Bristol as a
Senior Software Engineer. He has over 30 years IT experience comprising
Operations, Programming and Technical Consulting.

Once again we're at Deepspaceworks where in return for a £3 donation you get to drink tea coffee and peruse the wonderful art.