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Message-driven architecture with RabbitMQ

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For March we have Łukasz Łysik talking about RabbitMQ. We're at DeepSpaceWorks so a £3 donation is greatly appreciated. There'll be tea and biscuits at half time followed by a post talk trip to the London Inn.

In this presentation I’ll talk about the project I’ve been working for over 2 years now. We started from simple WebApi micro service for sending emails. Very quickly we realised that depending on IIS’s threads for asynchronous processing of email is insufficient. This is where RabbitMQ came to the rescue. Currently, in our message-driven system, we process around 20M emails a month but we are capable of much more.

Lukasz is a .NET and Node.js developer. For over two years he's been working for OpenTable, an online real-tie restaurant reservation service. He's passionate about distributed systems.

See you there